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Damon C. Anderson, II

"Being part of the PPA team is a great opportunity as I am looking forward to creating positive change for the greater good through legislative activities. It is through PPA’s well established partnerships both in Annapolis and Maryland county governments that our team will influence change in many areas to include public safety. Public safety is a passion of mine as I’ve spent much of my career in positions to protect and support the public. I am honored to be part of the PPA team and look forward to strengthening our partnerships to bring positive change for the public.”

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About Damon

Damon’s public safety passion was developed during his 10 years as an educator, as a Security Forces Specialist for the Air force, and as a Sergeant at a local public safety organization. Damon was a Teacher’s Assistant at Huntsville City Schools for two years. His focus as a Teacher’s Assistant was to develop a safe and positive learning environment for kindergarten to 5th grade students. A testament to his ability to influence a positive environment was realized when parents of his students requested Damon to tutor their children outside of his school duties. As a Security Forces Specialist, he had the important role of protecting our country, ensuring the safety of the people, property, and resources at Air Force bases. To accomplish this goal, he underwent extensive training in law enforcement and combat tactics to protect bases both stateside and overseas. During his time in law enforcement, he ensured the safety of the public by guiding entities to improve their behavior and to demonstrate the importance of being law abiding citizens. He not only did this himself as a police officer, but also guided other police officers as their supervisor. Damon created an environment of trust and dependability between him, his team, and the public they served.


Damon also brings 12 years of industry experience where he held various positions with a primary focus in customer service. His industry experience extends from hospitality to customer relations at major industry providers to include Sprint. His industry career allowed Damon to develop outstanding interpersonal skills.


Damon resides in Washington County where he spends his spare time with family and friends.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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