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Turf Industry Associations Partner with Percy Public Affairs

ANNAPOLIS, MD – The Mid-Atlantic Sports Turf Managers Association (MASTMA) and the Maryland Turfgrass Council (MTC) have announced that they will engage Percy Public Affairs, LLC to serve as their governmental relations firm ahead of the Maryland General Assembly’s 2023. The partnership will continue to advance MASTMA’s efforts in educating legislators about their work and protecting the sports turf management industry. The collaboration will also introduce state lawmakers to MTC and its mission to promote the science, technology, professional practice and the improvement of turfgrass production, management, research, and education across the state.

Both organizations advocate for professionalism in turf management and safety through education, innovation, mentoring, and networking.

In recent years, misinformation about the turf industries have resulted in restrictions and bans that prevent the implementation of known best practices without accomplishing their intended outcome – environmental and sustainable protections.

“The 2023 Legislative Session will be a transformational year in Annapolis with the changes in the new Administration and the State Legislature. These changes will reshape public policy that will impact both state and local governments for the next years. For these reasons, it’s imperative that non-profit organizations, such as MASTMA and MTC, are integrally positioned to assist our state lawmakers in making informed and balanced decisions”, said PPA Partner Richard Reinhardt. “The industry experts at MASTMA and MTC operate in a clean and transparent manner, substantiated by science and industry expertise. We’re looking forward to working on their behalf this coming session to advance their legislative agendas and protect their broad memberships in Maryland”, said PPA’s Founding Partner Davion Percy. Last year, MASTMA adopted a “Best Practices Manual” (BMP), which highlights industry-specific practices that ensure the safety of the community and the environment and reinforces that their members are educated and highly trained professionals whose practices are grounded in science and experience. The BMP serves as a roadmap for conduct in accordance with state and local regulations and environmental stewardship and has been adopted by the National Sports Field Management Association (SFMA). MTC sponsored the BMP effort. The partnership now combines the Sports Turf Managers of the Mid-Atlantic with the with the strength of the golf, landscape, lawncare and sod producer industries that are under the MTC umbrella.

“Public and governmental perception is critical to our ability to continue to operate in the most efficient and effective manner possible,” said MASTMA Executive Director Melissa Dornan. “We remain committed to transparency in our work and are thrilled to be partnering with MTC and Percy Public Affairs on our journey towards greater protections for the Mid-Atlantic region’s sports turf industry.”

“This is an important partnership,” said MTC Vice-President Patrick Coakley. “The combined membership of our organizations represents five different areas of the green industry plus many Maryland based businesses that support all of these professionals. The general public uses the fields, golf courses or turfgrass our membership cares for. These experts want to continue to keep their customers and the environment safe.”

About MASTMA Members of the Mid-Atlantic Sports Turf Managers Association (MASTMA) manage the sports fields of schools, universities, and parks and recreation departments, as well as those used by professional teams throughout Maryland, Delaware, Washington DC and Northern Virginia. MASTMA offers members the opportunity to meet regularly to earn continuing education credits, advocate on behalf of the industry, discuss and develop athletic field programs, and share expertise to best serve athletes at all levels. It is a non-profit organization and one of 34 recognized chapter affiliates of the National Sports Field Management Association (SFMA). For more information about MASTMA, please visit

About MTC The Maryland Turfgrass Council (MTC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement of the turfgrass industry in the State of Maryland. Over the years, the Council has grown in membership and steadily increased the scope of its activities. Over 1,500 people are now active members of the Council. MTC was organized in 1972 as a way for people who worked in different segments of the turfgrass industry to pool their talents and improve turfgrass research and education in Maryland. It was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in 1977 and is governed by a Constitution and By-laws through its Officers and Board of Directors. For more information about MTC, please visit

About Percy Public Affairs LLC Percy Public Affairs, LLC is a minority-owned public affairs & government relations firm that specializes in healthcare, public safety, intergovernmental, procurement, and energy sectors. PPA embraces a collaborative and client-centered approach while taking on challenging and dynamic issues in Maryland. PPA helps clients navigate challenging environments, whether it is helping to shape an issue or positioning a company for success in the marketplace, in local communities, or in the halls of government. For more information about PPA, please visit Facebook:

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